Rafael Nunez

Founder & Inventor
Rafael’s favorite part of his career has been the relationships. His 20+ years in manufacturing has allowed him to guide his clients to improve process, efficiency and profit margins. Rafael’s experience spans manufacturing processes, supporting industrial robotic automation, and tool holding products. An obvious path to become the inventor of a cool bar tool, right?

Gary Gilkison

Co-Founder/Chief Revenue Officer
Gary's unique background covers years of entrepreneur business and technology experience that combines launching businesses, P & L responsibilities, product marketing, ROI consulting, sales management, new product and service development, information technology management and field engineering leadership roles throughout Silicon Valley.

Dan Pavlik

Creative Director
Dan got his start in video production in 1997, as a production assistant. He worked his way up, learning all aspects of the business, focusing mainly on writing and editing. He loves the storytelling component to production. Dan has gone on to write and produce hundreds of videos, shorts, and even a feature film. His corporate collaborations have included projects with Google, PayPal, Cisco, HP, Gilead, and many more.